Welcome to Northwest Modular Structures


From Commercial Structures (Bunk Houses) to Residential Units (Mother-in-Law Suites) to Emergency Platforms (Disaster Shelters) to Custom Designs (Coffee Stands), we’ve got you covered. You will get the highest level of quality and functionality in every unit we build.

We pride ourselves in combining beauty and functionality in everything that we produce to ensure an outstanding end product that will fit your needs.

Our modular structures include:
– Commercial Structures
– Residential Models
– Emergency Platforms
– Custom Designs

Northwest Modular Structures has a wide offering of solutions for housing for the Wind Farm sector and the Oil and Gas Industry, as well as Residential buildings and Retail outlets for coffee outlets, craft breweries and BBQ operations. We also have simple storage units for the small businesspeople of your community.

Northwest Modular Structures is absolutely dedicated to environmental quality and support of our community. We are entering the newest phase of construction of our products by incorporating the use of Structured Insulated Panels (SIPS). These technologically advanced materials result in 30% less jobsite lumber waste as compared to traditional framing methods. They also result in 50 – 60% savings in heating and cooling bills. Being responsible in construction is no longer optional with us: we are getting ahead of the crowd by using SIPs.

With a multitude of attractive & functional products, environmentally sound construction practices and a dedication to “On location, on time” delivery, come on in to our web site and find the structure that is just right for you, your family, or your business.


260,000 sq ft Production Facility

The NMS site consists of seven (7) acres of buildings and industrial machinery, with excellent access to rail and highway. Every building contains overhead cranes, up to 10-ton. Our craftsmen consist of welders, fabricators, painters, and electricians, most of whom are American Veterans.


Oregon’s Largest Spray Booth

One of our facility features is a totally refurbished down-draft paint booth. This booth is one of the largest in Oregon and is capable of accommodating a 40-foot shipping container for refinishing, insulating, painting and coating.